Alexander Gurevich, CEO and founder of Continental, has pursued many philanthropic and charitable ventures throughout his career. Some of the details of those pursuits are as follows:

  • Alexander Gurevich is a philanthropist and a real estate finance and development expert. Having acquired or developed over $500 million in real estate, Gurevich is in a unique position to help further causes that have been important to his career and life.
  • After completing his undergraduate degree at City University of New York Gurevich went on to earn his law degree from Cardozo Law School. Shortly thereafter, Gurevich started his own law firm that helped thousands of immigrants that had left Russia after the collapse of the Soviet Union. While working with these immigrants and with Jewish business leaders in New York, Gurevich realized there was a need for a Russian division of the UJA Federation. Gurevich has been highly active as a board member helping to expand the organization that strives to strengthen Jewish communities in New York and Israel and helps people in need.
  • Gurevich also served as co-chair of The First North American Russian Council which was an offshoot of the UJA Federation. The council expanded the parameters of the UJA Federation which wasn’t able to provide enough support.
  • Gurevich served as a board member and finance co-chair of the Friends Of Israel Defense Forces. On a trip to Israel in the mid 1990’s Gurevich met some friends and business associates that introduced Gurevich to the cause of the FIDF. Gurevich was compelled to help after seeing there were needs to be met.
  • Throughout his philanthropic efforts Gurevich has helped organize several events that normally net between $10 and $20 million for these causes. These events have been held across New York at venues that include the Waldorf-Astoria.

For more information and details on Alexander Gurevich's charitable and philanthropic ventures visit his Good Works website at alexandergurevich.org